From the Galley - Wildly Delicious!

Our galley on the Ocean Oasis has an Olympic Diesel stove which supplies heat, hot water, and a surface to cook. For us it is the equivalent of a crackling fire on a cold winter's day - and the source of many wonderful seafood recipes.

Health Tips: Alaskan salmon is rich in nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids and can promote health by reducing the risk of cardiac arrest, stroke, and developing blood clots. The American Heart Association now recommends two servings of fatty fish per week.

Thawing Tips: To maintain the high quality of our seafood products, always thaw them in the refrigerator. Allow 1-2 days for whole fish, at least one afternoon or overnight for steaks, fillets and shrimp. Always open the vacuum package bag when thawing. If you must rush-thaw your product, submerge it in COLD water in the sealed vacuum package bag or in a zip lock bag.

Cooking Tips: Our #1 rule is to never overcook seafood. Fish steaks take 4-5 minutes per 1 inch of thickness per side, depending on the heat. Fish cooks and cools fast so don't let it sit very long before enjoying this delicious treat.

We hope you enjoy our Seafood Recipes!

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